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The Reality Report is a community based alternative media platform. We cater to those sick of politically-correct bias news of today as well as represent those voices unheard with diligence and conviction.
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The value of a Dollar is deeply appreciated

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The significance of this contribution is considerable - Many hands exercising Willful Intent make Light Work

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£5 -Weekly updates! -You will be invited to The Reality Report Discord server!

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£10 -Monthly extras such as: Behind The Scenes footage, bloopers and audio-files (GreyWolf Productions) -Access to Mr Sangmoore's private meme bank -Access to the Sangmoore Audiobook List

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£20 -Executives have the opportunity to get involved in interviews. Have your questions read out by Vinnie Sullivan or Alexander Sangmoore during their next interview! -Personal video message by Alexander Sangmoore. -Have the chance for the team to cover a story of your choice!

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