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Note: Site is in USD. The Liberty Experts is a twice weekly podcast by Tim Moen and David Birnbaum focusing on freedom and personal responsibility. Support deep, honest and nuanced discussions of difficult issues from the perspective of Liberty.
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Thank you for admitting you love liberty, it takes a lot of guts. As part of our community, you will get the knowledge that you are supporting the expansion of liberty, and really adding value to yourself and the world. As well, you will get a personalized thank you video from David and Tim, and at least monthly exclusive content discussing supporter submitted topics and other societal issues.

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Receive every benefit of Liberty Lovers, as well as the ability to participate in a monthly Supporters only live Q&A with David and Tim. You can also submit topic ideas for our bonus content discussions.

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Welcome to the team. You are now able to submit, and vote on topic ideas for the podcast. In addition to all of the benefits of earlier tiers, you will help steer the direction of the podcast and community at large.

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As an Expert Contributor, you get all of the benefits of earlier tiers, as well as a guarantee that one of your topic suggestions will be selected every 2 months for discussion on the podcast. You also get a monthly 15 minute chat with David and/or Tim, depending on your wishes and their availability in a given month.

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In addition to all of the benefits of previous tiers, you will get a monthly 30 minute call with David and Tim guaranteed, as well as the opportunity to be a guest on the podcast (after 3 months of contributions at this level).

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  • Welcome to the Liberty Community!
  • If you are interested in learning more about Liberty, this is the place for you. We explore any and all topics from the principles of Liberty and personal responsibility
  • Thank you for supporting the channel, consider becoming a Liberty Lover to unlock exclusive content!

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The Liberty Experts

Welcome to our first subscribers! Thank you for the support. Comment here to let us know what top...

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The Liberty Experts
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Be sure to like us on Facebook and plan to attend next week's live Q&A for the public.
Stay tuned here for supporter q&a links!

Thursday July 30
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The Liberty Experts
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The Liberty Experts is a place to discuss the ideas and values at the core of liberty. Tim Moen and David Birnbaum are dedicated to advancing their knowledge of liberty, and advancing those ideals in the world. This is a place for like-minded liberty lovers to engage in discussions and help move the world to a freer, fuller future. 

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