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Life-lifting philosophy for happiness, love and happiness. Red pill thinking, reality. Rational ways to having a life worth living.
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Monthly subscribers receive all past shows and new shows. Email me at [email protected] when you become a Rock Solid Supporter of my work and I'll email you every show link and every new show.

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Huge supporters are given all past and future shows as well as the audio version of my current and future published manuscripts. Contact me at [email protected], let me know you're a huge supporter and I will send you the shows and manuscript audio.

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Past/present shows and published manuscripts. Also, Platinum supporters can speak with me personally via Skype from time to time. As an added bonus, they'll have access to the protected, private side of my work called Red Pill Harbor, a private site for my members and other invited red pilled people Red Pill Harbor provides conversations, contacts and access to exclusive products... Plus, receive an autographed working page of one of my manuscripts. Send me an email at [email protected] and let me know you've become a platinum supporter.

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