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Geopolitics made Easy: "Interested teenagers will get it and grandma will love it."
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  • Sure, I am a decent analyst, I know Russian and a few other languages, I have studied Russia for all my life and the Middle-East for, well, a little over a decade. This is not bad, but hardly a reason for success. Then I understood: It was never about me, but always about you. Read about it here:

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Dear SubscribeStar donors

I just wanted to let you know that after the resignation of my assistant Amarynth, who used to run SubscribeStar on my behalf, I will now do this myself.  So, first, if you have any issues, problems or frustrations with supporting me through SubscribeStar, please contact me directly.  Second, if you have any suggestions or request, also please email me.  From now on I will keep a much more regular eye on what happens with my SubscribeStar supporters.  Finally, if you email me, I will send you my four books in PDF file format, just let me know that you are a SubscribeStar donor.
Thank you all!!!
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The Saker Community
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The Essential Saker III – epub or pdf now on free download

To brighten the spirits and keep the near historical timeline available, The Essential Saker III epub or pdf versions can now be downloaded free.
Go to this link and scroll to Format (Paperback, Epub or PDF) and select Epub or PDF and download your copy.  You will have to register.
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