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The Rendezvous is a website aimed at making information about any aspect of the outdoors available in one place.
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  • A dedicated website, forum, and store centered around the spreading
  • of knowledge. In association with the website is a youtube and
  • bitchute channel covering most of the projects of mine.

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The Rendezvous
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New month and new goals! Obviously nothing much happened last month. Turns out you can't keep going with only a four hours of sleep a night very long before creativity and drive drop off to nada. I've changed up my sleeping schedule and with it I'm going to be changing up the schedule of events. 
Change 1: No set days for uploads. I'm going to a number per month schedule
Change 2: Focus of the podcast is going to be myths and legends. The first part will be the myth presented with no commentary from me, the second part will be me breaking it down and giving my take on it. 
Change 3: Trello board is going to be updated daily, and there will be weekly status updates.
Where does that leave me?
For the book I will have the first chapter rough draft done by the end of the month. 
Streams: 4 more for the month remaining! ESO, Elite Dangerous, Sketch Stream, and another one off game are on the docket.
Podcast: 2 uploads for this month. Lets see how this goes, eh?
Updates: Including this one, there are 3 left. The rest will be shorter and more focused. 

To end on a lighter note, I hope all of you had a wonderful Easter and had a good March. My dog, Pippin, is in good spirits now that there are a few other dogs around to play with, and he just discovered he can move his bed around! He's trying to find the optimal place in the living room to lay down while I'm writing this.
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