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The Rendezvous
The Rendezvous is a website aimed at making information about any aspect of the outdoors available in one place.
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Thank you for showing your support for the project! Let me know how you'd like to see the site improve and toss out some ideas for topics.

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Discord Trapper

You gain access to the Trapper only chat rooms and role on the discord server. Trappers are people who gather up the info out in the field and know how to communicate it back for everyone else.

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You're the bread and butter of the camp, making sure it all goes smoothly! You'll get a special mention at the end of videos and have the right to vote on the topic of the next video.



  • A dedicated website, forum, and store centered around the spreading of knowledge. In association with the website is a youtube and bitchute channel covering most of the crafts and various other projects of mine.
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