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No real reward here, but if you'd like to support my channel without breaking the bank, I'd really appreciate it.

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A $5 pledge will get your name at the end of my videos as a credit.

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The credit reward, as well as information on what videos I'm producing next.

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The Iconoclast


Hello guys,

I've taken the decision to delete this SubscribeStar page in the coming days. The reason for this is simply because recently I've found myself with less and less time available to make videos, as my "real life" is getting quite busy. I don't feel like it's justifiable to keep this page up while I'm going through such a dip in content output.

While this dip will more than likely be temporary, I think I have more valid ways for viewers to support my channel if they wish, namely PayPal and the Iconoclast Magazine.

I'd like to thank everyone who has supported me here and on Patreon previously, you guys are fabulous.

If anyone new is reading this message, please do NOT sign up to support me here. I'll be deleting the page over the weekend.

Thanks a lot everyone again. Continue checking my channel for uploads. I should have one tomorrow.


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The Iconoclast

Don't forget, the Deport Awards 2018 premiers on my channel at 7pm, two hours from now. I hope you all have a good laugh with it. See you soon.

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The Iconoclast

I'll be streaming at 3pm UK time for a little bit just to relax and celebrate Christmas with you guys. Ask me whatever you want, both political and general nonsense. 'Tis the season!

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