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On the advice of a good friend, as we launch into 2019: I humbly ask you to consider subscribing to The #HollowNet to make it a listener run and financed radio program in addition to the existing podcast. Your support will help to increase production values with better software and equipment, free up more time for quality content and allow me to be extremely selective in who I associate with the show, ensuring only those companies and organizations that reflect our values will benefit from our advertising. Our goal amount of $600/month will enable me to bring The #HollowNet to the bigger audiences, providing a home for the millennial conservative perspective and ensuring that legitimate political dialogue continues. The Goal of "The #HollowNet" is to establish a forum of discourse and representation for the Millennial Conservatives and more than that to bring about earnest political conversation again. The realistic risk of any venture is the loss of the investment. If we fail, we will fail well. We will pursue this dream with all of the vigor and hard work we can levy. Your support is greatly appreciated and if we should succeed we will open up a new front in the fight for our Nation's soul. Will we fall into darkness and silence? Or will we Keep talking, keep debating and Hold the Line against the Night? I ask that you treat this as a donation to a hope, the creation of a light in the darkness. You already have my deepest appreciation for merely considering to help. Thank you & God Bless.

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