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Fantasy writer and illustrator, currently publishing my first two books (and writing two more!). Thank you for considering supporting my work, it means the world to me ♥
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Rianna Stahl

Here's an illustration work-in-progress from one of the new books I'm writing. I've used it to draft in the text for what may become the cover, allowing me to ensure the painting's composition works for readability :)

I'm really excited about it as it's turning out beautifully, which is always uncertain when creating something new. I can't wait to finish it! Just working on some commissions at the moment, but hopefully soon!

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Early access to chapters and short stories (1-4 per month). Pre-release access to narrated painting videos, for a deeper look into my technique and inspirations (min. one a month). Plus, credits on any new stories I write as a great, big thank you! ♥

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Books & Computer Wallpapers

Free digital copies of my short stories and books (Kindle and Nook compatible), when published. Delivered as .pdf, .azw3 and .epub files. HD computer wallpapers of my art (min. one a month), plus access to a growing library. Plus all previous rewards, and the joy of knowing you helped me bring more beauty into the world :)

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Receive an exclusive question and answer video—and you get to submit the questions! This is a great place to discuss storytelling methods, inspiration and technique. There is one new video a month, and you'll also get access to a growing library of more. Plus all previous rewards.

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Confidential Content & Livestream

Note: You'll need to sign a non-disclosure agreement for this. Gain exclusive access to videos where I talk about very early projects, and ideas that are subject to change. Watermarked copies of current manuscript drafts. Talk to me, in person, via Skype once a month. Plus all previous rewards.



  • Pre-release access to chapters, books, and short stories.
  • Narrated painting videos for a deeper look into my technique and inspiration.
  • Credits on stories I write as a great, big thank you! ♥
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If I actually reach this much funding (per month), my dreams will have become a reality. I’ll be able to write and illustrate, full time; focusing on telling beautiful stories, and publishing books. I have no idea what I could possibly do to return all the amazing support, so I would love to get to know you all while we work towards reaching this goal :’)
to reach
the goal
This will be a huge achievement, and a symbolic step of making my dreams a reality. When I reach this much funding I will create a poll for all my supporters, with topics for a short story I'll write and illustrate in celebration. Comments with wacky suggestions will also be allowed—and the weirder, the better!
to reach
the goal
This is enough to start saving up for a van to travel Australia with, and film the journey as part of my YouTube vlogs (which I’ll begin once my painting videos are all caught up to the present). I don’t know what I’ll make as a reward for this one, because I don’t know what you value in my work or would like most from me yet. Suggestions are open; in the mean-time I’ll keep thinking on this.
to reach
the goal
This gives me enough money to buy food every week, which is wonderful! In return, I’ll run a Q&A livestream on YouTube, where we can discuss everything from what might happen in the stories I’m writing, to inspirations, experience working in the entertainment industry, and more. I’ll also create a funny 100-name list for D&D / tabletop RPG brothels, like the Whispering Clam and the Moist Oyster (favoured by sailors, of course!) ;)

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