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The Chimney Chef is a Terracotta Clay Slow Cooker that uses Liquid Fuel to Boil, Bake and Steam Food.
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Comis Chef

Thank You for your support by diving into our project. For $1 a month you have a chance of winning one of three base unit hotplates. Which will enable you to warm a space and food for pennies a day. Names will be drawn using the MiniWebTools random name picker that will be video'd and uploaded for one and all to see. We appreciate your contribution in helping us put our clay cooker into production.

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Chef De Partie

For $5 a month you have a chance of winning one of three complete Chimney Chef's, which include the base, hotplate, boiler, steamer and platter components. As above there will be a draw using MiniWebTools. In addition we will post exclusive photographs and video's of the Chimney Chef project, and tips on making the most of slow cooking. Thank You for your contribution in helping us put our cooker into production.

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Sous Chef

For $15 a month you will be included in our mailing list, so that when we are in full production the Chimney Chef will be supplied to you first... Less a discount of the money that you have paid to us through SubscribeStar to support our project, when we have reached our target.Thank You for your contribution in helping us put our cooker into production and we look forward to sending you a complete Chimney Chef.

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Executive Chef

For $50 a month you are paying in advance for a Chimney Chef, which we will send to you once that we have reached our target and are in full production. (So assuming that we reach our target in 6 months the Chimney Chef will cost you $300 + post and for your support no more if it takes us longer to reach our goal.) In addition you will get exclusive photographs and video's of our other Chimney Chef attachments, which include the Alembic Distiller and the Dehydrator. As Executives you will see and you will have first refusal on absolutely everything that we do to create the perfect off grid cooking system in clay using sustainable liquid fuels.

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  • Subscribers supporting my project can message me at any time for a dollar for tips and advice on slow cooking in clay. And you will take priority when my Chimney Chef is in full production if you choose to buy one at a discount price for your invaluable support.

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A Tasty Way to Cook
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A Tasty Way To Cook - Richard Ellam - 2020

My interest in developing a ceramic off-grid cooker started when I saw a video on YouTube called 'How to Heat your Room for 15 Cents a Day' - by David Cook. I have always been interested in using sustainable fuels and off-grid living solutions; including alternative ways of cooking and heating that both save money and that aren't reliant on the national grid, and which can warm a space, produce tasty food and ultimately save money.

As a ceramicist this idea was right up my street, so I began to study pottery cooking  primarily from Asia and Africa. Most of these cooking methods involved burning wood as a heat source. Terracotta clay is a perfect clay for cooking at high temperatures directly on flame and I was very impressed by the flavour of the food produced. But there is simply too much smoke, so can only be done outdoors, which is OK if you live in a hot climate.

So I wanted to build on the concept and design a slow cooker with similar principles, but that also produce a system that can be used indoors. One of the main factors that has helped make my Chimney Chef possible are the new clean burning liquid fuels that can be used indoors, without the toxic fumes. 

So the Chimney Chef was born: Which can be put on a dining room table, the food prepared in the morning and 5/8 hours later the meal is ready to serve. There is also the added advantage of warming and lighting a room while it cooks, which creates a pleasant ambience.

       The Chimney Chef Produces Steam Not Smoke

The main picture below illustrates the stackable cooking system that is modelled on a traditional British chimney stack. The heat produced from 6 x 4 mm wicks is 200 Degrees Celsius, which permeates through the clay to produce an ideal temperature for slow cooking with steam. 

The base unit and hotplate can be used on it's own to cook food and warm and light a space. Alternatively by replacing the wicks with tea lights it is an effective way of keeping food warm. The complete Chimney Chef system includes a boiler unit, a steamer insert and a crown platter. The other units that I am currently working on are an Alembic distiller which will produce clean water and a Dehydrator that removes moister from the food, which creates tasty snacks and is an effective way of storing food.

                            The Production Process

The following two pictures show the complete design and making process that ensures that all the components fit well together. A lot of time has been taken designing the separate parts on the computer, 3D printing the design, plaster moulding, slip casting the terracotta clay and sculpting the details. Slip casting is a standard process for producing a product in clay, so it is the perfect way of manufacturing on mass for one and all to use and enjoy.

                      Can You Help Us Get This Done?

For a Dollar
For as little as a Dollar a month you can question us through SubscribeStar about our Chimney Chef and slow cooking in clay. Which is an opportunity to learn and share what slow cooking in clay is all about.
The terracotta heater and hotplate that works with tea lights like a "Flower Pot Heater" is a great solution to keeping a room and food warm.
So as a Thank You for appreciating our design concept and supporting us we are also including the opportunity to win one of three base units with hotplates.
For 5 Dollars
For five dollars a month we are offering the same as above, but for the complete Chimney Chef system that includes the base for fuel, hotplate, boiler, steamer and crown platter. There is an opportunity to win a complete Chimney Chef cooker. For your commitment we will also share with you the details of our project via photos and video's.
For 15 Dollars
If you decide to make a commitment for $15 you are effectively making instalments for a Chimney Chef in advance. Because when you commit your money then you will take priority if you choose to buy one. The money that you have contributed to our project will be your discount from the cost of the Chimney Chef.
For 50 Dollars
This is the ultimate tier because effectively you are paying in advance for our product. $300 is not a lot for a product that will save you money in the long run.
And as a bonus you will have exclusive content and an opportunity to buy the additional Alembic Distiller and Dehydrator if you so decide.

At the end of the day we are just producing a useful product that uses sustainable fuels to cook in clay to produce tasty food.

For absolutely $0 a month we would really appreciate you sharing our work by using your social media accounts and letting your friends know what we do.

Thank You


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If you support my project it would enable me buy materials, employ assistants and cover the cost of firing my Chimney Chef's at a commercial pottery.


The subscription gives you:
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