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Official page of Techvania - game developer turned video creator.
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About Me

Thanks for stopping by my SubscribeStar page! So a little bit about myself - I'm a former game developer and I've been in love with video games, technology and pop culture my whole life. I've decided to make a channel where I discuss, review and break down video games and technology while also creating videos about gaming history.

I personally love learning more about the history of video games and technology. As a child of the 80s, I witnessed first-hand how far gaming and technology has come since I first held the joystick of an Atari 2600 in my hands. I love researching and reading more about the lesser-known history of technology and gaming, making videos and sharing them with you!

I take no shortcuts in research or production, and with your help production and research will only get better. It's not easy doing this with a more-than full-time job so my free time is limited - with you becoming a patron I will be able to devote more time to making videos and teaching the world about the forgotten history of games and technology.

About Tiers

All tiers will receive the same benefits. I do not want to compartmentalize subscribers who help me make videos if they can't afford more than they donate. Everyone helps make a difference and I want to make sure that everyone knows they are appreciated. Whether you donate 1 dollar or 20 I am eternally grateful.

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Visiting Galloping Ghost Arcade

This place is a blast! During filming there were 697 arcade games on the floor with 698 coming in as I was interviewing the owner. 20 bucks and you play all day - machines are all free play here which is nice. I got a chance to play games I never saw when I was younger so I was super hyped to check some out I'd only read about or watched videos of online like Black Tiger.

I interviewed the owner of the arcade, as well. A really nice dude that has an obvious passion for video games and arcades. He even helped other arcade owners launch their arcades, helped other arcade owners fix machines and spoke at town halls and meetings when these other owners were engaging with their municipalities for starting an arcade.

The whole place has a great vibe and the folks that go there seem to realize what the owner is doing to help preserve these awesome pieces of history.


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Behind the Scenes - Camera Slider

Since I don't like spending tons of money on stuff I can just make and camera sliders aren't cheap, I decided to make myself a cheap camera slider using some conduit and electrical boxes with soft velcro to aid in smooth movement.

I will eventually double this up with a permanent center box on the bottom to allow me to mount this to a tripod so I can adjust the slider by angles. Also considering getting a stepper motor with an Arduino and a drive belt to motorize the slider for nice, smooth, programmable movement.

Will probably cost me about 50 bucks when all is said and done vs buying a motorized slider for several hundred. Enjoy the video, everyone!


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Behind the Scenes - Stand-In Testing

Was recording video of testing stand-ins to adjust focus. Since I record solo, I need a point to focus on where my face should be. So here I am testing my homemade stand-in. Just some lines on a sheet of paper. Probably should use some sort of corrected white so I can use that to adjust the white balance in post, as well.



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Behind the Scenes - How I Make Videos

Here's a video I slapped together to show everyone how I make videos, setup cameras and lighting, narrate voice overs and all that good stuff. Lighting is probably one of the trickier components as I have to be careful of reflections, highlights, etc to take a good shot without drowning myself in light and lighting up backgrounds too much. Narration takes a lot of time, as well. Depending on the length of the script and mistakes I make, it can take a long time to narrate. Shots where I am in front of the camera aren't necessarily scripted as I usually work off of bullet points.

I am getting more automated in terms of editing as time goes on. Creating macros for frequently used shortcuts, functions, etc. Still takes a lot of time to edit, cut and splice video but at least having a default project setup for audio and video helps.

Hope you all enjoy!


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Access to all previous tiers and a warm hug for donating this much. I'm floored!



  • Making videos about gaming, technology and perhaps some popular culture thrown in.

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