You'd think a channel with over 1 million subscribers would feel that the future of creating videos full-time on YouTube is secure. Never have I seen it this bad.
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Not everyone can afford $5! I sure can't!

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$5 might be too much, and a buck might be too little. You are like Mama Bear, and that is ok.

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$5 Papa Bear Tier

You really want to help out and don't want us to go away!



  • I am a full-time video creator. This isn't just a hobby where we just seem to do fun stuff that doesn't look like "real work". It's a lot more than that. I do a LOT of juggling of things that makes this the hardest job I ever have. Stressful? Yes, I don't know if YouTube will just ban me from the website. We have seen it happen. Your support will allow us to continue to produce and maybe even IMPROVE our content.

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Currently I have to budget everything very tightly. My goal is to be able to travel to special events once or twice a year to film. For example, filming Big Sandy Machine Gun Shoot.


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