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Tales from the Telly a video series devoted to preserving the history of television, chronicling shows and key people both on and off camera who brought us classic content that we all love.
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Couch Potato

Fans of the telly will gain access to our discord so you can debate and discuss entertainment with other like minded people.

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Rabbit Ears

You will gain access to the Discord channel and will be able to see future thumbnail art for any upcoming episodes.

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Channel Changer

You will receive all previous tiered options and will be able to watch episodes a day early

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All previous rewards. You will gain preservationist tier access on Discord which will allow you to vote on subjects in upcoming episodes.

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Tales From The Telly

Welcome everybody to Tales from the Telly. We are a channel dedicated to preserving the history of television as an entertainment medium. Our work will cover not only the shows themselves. But also major figures involved to get these shows made both on and off camera.


  • Access to our Discord server.
  • Early access to videos.
  • The ability to vote for upcoming episodes!
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