Hello SubscribeStar! I'd like to introduce you to my my project, Tales From the Ancient World. This project is a long time coming and only just recently has it reached a moderately presentable stage. The Tales From the Ancient World project is a comic series set in a massive fantasy world written with deep lore, unique cultures, and riveting story.

Under the project we will be producing three separate series. TFTAW: The Book of Legends, TFTAW: Dantae Vidorean, and TFTAW: The Book of Lore. Our *Dantae Vidorean* comic will be the main story focusing on a particular character and his companions as they adventure through the ancient world, Auria. The Book of Lore will be collection of lore pages along with art to fit the subject of the pages. This series will be a very subscriber centric series as we plan on letting our supporters vote on each page before it comes out. Finally, our Book of Legends series will a collection of short stories giving our readers a look at various events, characters, and places within our expansive world.

We hope you'll follow us as we prepare to release our project and finally give the world a look into the universe of Tales From the Ancient World.