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Spreading information and freedom is what we are all about.
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The Supporter

Helping support the 2A community in these times of censorship in social media. You are much appreciated and you will help take this to the next level. As a member you will gain access to certain aspects not open to everyone.

What You get as a member:

-You will get entered into various givaways/contests -exclusive content and behind the scenes -Exclusive coupon codes -Direct contact and decisions on what content is produced in a quarterly video

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Keep It Even

The added support will make a huge difference in not only the quality of content, but the amount as well.

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Those Who Want To Do More

There is not much to say besides the fact I am humbled by your generosity . Thank You RLTW!



  • By being a part of Tactical Considerations you will get exclusive content, entries into giveaways and help the growth of a channel dedicated to the viewer. Your support will help provide new audio and visual equipment to improve on production value and provide a place for those of us who know can hang out and talk. This will also help provide more content to further the 2A community and push back against those who would silence us. Freedom will always win, but we will all have to do our part to be victorious.

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Thank You for stopping by and considering supporting my endeavor to provide quality information to the community in these tough times.  Choosing who to support can be a difficult decision with so many great creators out there now. I know it was tough for me to pick who I support in the community as well.  I am honored you took the time to consider me and Tactical Considerations as your choice .  Have fun, be safe and stay ready everyone!

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