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I can't be without you

A heart felt thank you for what you provide to us for the good, safety and the sanity of us all on the Internet (I get $0.62)

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It's getting serious

We're serious now, this is getting into the realms of infatuation now, but in a "we love your service so much that we feel $5 is still stealing from you" (I get $4.25)

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Shut up and take my money

If you have a problem, need something or would otherwise just talk about integrations, cars or the weather, then let's get on the phone and work together (I get $8.76)

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  • My gratitude for your support, unlimited access to the API, and the promise of work on the site

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Stop Forum Spam

After many years of not having the best donations page online, I've finally relented to the flood...

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