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Shell Presto is the co-creator of the Ascension Epoch, a setting for heroic adventure fiction. I'm a writer and artist, and I'd love for you to share in my stories, both the fun, fantastical ones and my real-world experiences.
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You just want to help for helping's sake, and I greatly appreciate that.

I'll occasionally put up polls asking what my subscribers want me to draw or talk about next in a video. You'll be able to participate in those polls.

The drawings will be Ascension Epoch-related, but it will be the difference between picking, for example, whether I draw a guy or a gal, and whether it's a brawl or a swimsuit pinup, etc. Likewise, whether I do an art talk, writing talk, read a story, or give some lore or backgrounds.

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You stepped up, and now you're in the limelight.

You'll be able to participate in video topic polls, AND you'll get your name listed as a supporter at the end of my videos (if you'd like).

If we put out a book (be it fiction or an RPG supplement) while you're subscribed at this level, you'll get a free DIGITAL copy.

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This is the big leagues. You get the previous tier rewards AND you get Christmas and Christmas in July.

What are those? Essentially my gift to my most dedicated subscribers. In June and November, I'll look at how many months you've been a subscriber at the Challenger tier, and mail you a physical package of goodies.

Note: This isn't a "value" package, but a thank you. No "dollar value" is guaranteed, it may be random, and the contents will remain secret until you get the package. But they will be cool.

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Join Shell Presto DiBaggio as she draws a half-fairy sorceress in the style of old RPG books like the Dungeons & Dragons manuals, Palladium RPG books, and GURPS manuals. 

While I draw, I'll talk about how I originally got into playing D&D, how it was more difficult and mysterious back when the Internet was young, and why you should be the Dungeonmaster if you want to get a game going. 
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