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Get your name and message on the /supporters/ page and in the footer of every other page. Feel free to shill your business, favorite crypto, or socials. Or just donate because you're an altruistic amazing person with nothing to gain.

For example:

$10 @Anon5 "Go to WhiteArtCollective.com and create art, don't just critique it!"

$10 @GrapeMan14 "Buy LINK and ETH!"

$10 @BizChad "Last chance to bid on my NFT! Auction ends Mar 31, 2022. scatter.art "

$10 @nlght_0f_fire "Follow my new Instagram @xceed1m & Twitter @wigger"

$10 @GroyperAnon

$10 @NJPAnon

$10 @BabyMonsterAnon

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You get your name and message added to the /supporters/ page just like the 1st tier. But because you pledge more money your name and message will show first in the footer scroll, and at the top of the /supporters/ page.

ALSO you get to vote on what movies/shows you want the staff to review. Even if it's painfully bad like the Fauci documentary or that Australian feminist """comedian""" who talked about being molested on her Netflix special.

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Giga Chad Tomato King

Not only do you get your message at the very top of the /supporters/ page, and at the very beginning of the footer scroll. But you also get to vote on what movies/shows we review.

AND you get to vote on what feature request we prioritize. That's right! You get to boss us around. You can tell us to add video games to the database as our top priority. Or tell us that we need to improve the demographic algorithm first. Or add music or whatever. We already do our best to listen to our users via the /feedback/ page, but it shows us how much you actually care because you put your money where your mouth is.

So why not circumvent the plebs and act like the lobbyists that control our prostitute politicians by buying your will to power? :)

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  • You get your name and message featured on the /supporters/ page as well as on the footer of every single footer. Voting on what movies/shows the staff review. Also becoming our bosses and dictating what feature request we prioritize.

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These are the average monthly fees for the servers, web hosting, and web development. This would only allow us to break even. In order to set up funds for marketing and huge improvements quickly, we need to be making much more than this. Not to mention the literal tens of thousands of dollars we've spent in the past 4 years slowly building this autistically glorious database. So if this seems like too much for a monthly goal, just know we are far in the red and this only gets us to break even. Please reward the creators in the culture war and the autists as well <3

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