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Supporters can donate $10 to receive a Psychopomp NFT (Non-Fungible-Token)!

This digital coin has been minted on top of the BitcoinSV blockchain. The original Bitcoin protocol.

What does this mean? It simply means we created our OWN CURRENCY which runs on Bitcoin's incredible technology.

This token can be held in your personal digital (Moneybutton) wallet, sold, traded with anyone you choose, and/or redeemed with us for possible* future product discounts/access to hidden psychopomp content.

Only 1000 Psychopomp Coins have been minted.

A RARE DIGITAL ASSET tied to our brand. A currency of our own.

If you find our content valuable this is a great way to support us and own a piece of our history. We are working to create a valuable ecosystem of knowledge. Join us!

You will receive one token per month that you donate within this $10 tier. There is no limit to the amount of coins you can accumulate this way as long as we still have coins to reward you. 1 Month = 1 Token (until supply is exhausted.*)

You will be notified via email if our supply is running out. You can then choose to continue your donations if you will, but would no longer receive tokens (once they are gone). Supply limitations are expected to add value to the token.

Tokens can not be purchased from us any other way. If you want more you would have to purchase from other community members. Our most loyal supporters will own the most tokens!

You will need a account and PAYMAIL to receive your NFT. A paymail is like an email that accepts BITCOIN.

If you need help we can assist you.

Thank you for your support. It is most appreciated. Enjoy being the owner of a Psychopomp NFT! A next-generation asset class and one of the first of its kind!

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  • Support Psychopomp Productions! Own our next-gen digital asset NFT!

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Welcome to Psychopomp’s Subscribe star page!  All of your support is greatly appreciated!!!
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