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Anime fan and Gaming enthusiast! I love reacting and reviewing all sorts of content and streaming games. Uncut reactions are here as well as exclusive content!
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Thank you very much for just wanting to support me and I appreciate it! You will have access to news posts and voting polls.

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Uncut Reactions

This my friends is the tier to see my videos without content having to be cut out. You will also likely see content before it is posted on YouTube. The majority of time this will not be that big of a timegap however there will also be times where you are days if not weeks ahead of YouTube if YT starts acting up or I get stuck trying to do something else so consider that a bonus whenever that happens as it's happened a fair amount.

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Early Access

No no not like the Steam idea of early access. This allows you to see the majority of content earlier than the $5 tier. Certain Anime series will also be exclusive to this tier for a while before eventually being opened up to the lower tier as I move on to the next.

A Unique Discord role will also be available subject to Discord and SubscribeStar working correctly.

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Movie Time!

This tier grants access to all the content below but also allows you to view my movie reactions/reviews videos that come out in a minimum of two a month. These will be a mix of films (anime mostly) I pick and films voted on by you the community!

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Royal Legion

This tier is for those who have a show that you desperately want me to watch/react/review but I might not have space for in my slightly chaotic schedule. This tier allows you to essentially get your favorite show into a VIP queue. Yes I must stress it is a queue as this has proven to be a popular tier (or more popular than I anticipated anyway) however this VIP request is treated as a priority and while life does happen, these shows are watched concurrent to anything else that takes my fancy.

Your name will also be in the description of my YouTube videos.

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This rank means you have gone even further beyond. I will be truly blown away by this level of support and honestly I will not know what to say to such a person of your level other than thank you! Let's Talk.

A Time will be allocated each month (if desired) to talk with me directly in my Discord. Your name in the end credits of my videos

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The Legends

This Tier is reserved only for the most devout followers of the religion of Gold and those who partake in it can consider themselves baptised in the waters of my PC's liquid coolant. Discord Role - We can discuss a role custom made for you, if you have experience then being a MOD is an option as well but not a guarantee. Access to videos as soon as they are online. Schedules mean nothing to you! Sounding Board - You can be one of the few people that I talk too and seek council from, I have lots of ideas and sometimes I need to talk about my future plans now. Want to help craft the future of some of my videos? This is the tier for you.



  • Uncut Reactions and Access to voting polls
  • Discord Role (Work in Progress)
  • Behind the scenes vlogs/thoughts
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Covering Costs. No really. Thanks to incredible support I've already got all the equipment I need and my only real goal is to get to a stage where doing this full time is going to actually cover itself and not leave me at a loss every month. Sadly due to the transfer from dollars to pounds it's not as much as you might think but if I hit this goal I will be able to not stress about life, not get flack from the mrs and more importantly devote all time to my recording and editing without crippling levels of anxiety and guilt creeping in that I have made horrible life decisions. Still my own ongoing mental breakdown aside to reach this goal would be completely insane and I would love each and every one of you for it and quite frankly would be lost for words.

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