I was tired at the time I posted the tweet, so I forgot to spread it everywhere. (I should've done it here earlier. Thank goodness SS has their own dedicated video player!~)

So I managed to make a few more advances on mostly the stage itself. I've changed the graphics on the boxes and some other gimmicks in the stage, as well as added a few particle effects on things, most notably on Wizmorf. His spells have a splash when collided and when he charges, there's an aura of sorts surrounding him. 

I've also changed the box at the end to be what I call a platform block. It's basically a block that has a magic platform above it, which grows or shrinks depending on what you cast at the block itself. Kinda wanna practice some other gimmicks with this concept. 

I've also added some sounds to give the game a little bit of life. Buuuuut I might replace those later with some original sounds. For some reason, the sounds currently in there feel kinda off-character...

In any case, that's my full update on the game so far. I'll also be streaming some more gamedev this Wednesday, so stay tuned for that.~