All Features are on hold For this due to not being able to use Paypal to Withdraw any funds, and remaining Withdrawn options are US only or have a Very high Tax/Fee. DO NOT SUBSCRIBE UNTIL PAYOUT METHOD IS FOUND

Hey all,
I would like to thank you for visiting my Subscribestar page, i look forward for all the feedback about it. Below will be some information you may want to know.

Edit: Production has been delayed due to not receiving Art work on time. I will be putting down a Written Page on this Site, this is one path of the Project that can be taken within the full project. Pages for Chapter one onward will be under a Priced Teir, The first Edit will have no cuts while the second (with reduced Price) will have edits to censor/take out sections.

You can follow me on twitter: @Numbers66Tv
My Twitch: Numbers66 (if i decide to stream again)
and join the growing Discord Server (if you want to chat with the rest of the community)

Thank you and i hope to see you all in the next update, when ever that is XD