Now is as good a time as any to put the call out for art and fiction! Here are the parameters:


  • Up to A1 size.
  • In .png, .pdf, or .tiff digital formats.
  • No hard copy originals (unless you wish to give them to me as a gift).
  • Sketches and concept art just as desired as full colour images!
  • Experimental artworks welcome.
  • Must belong to speculative fiction or its many genres.
  • Accompanying poetry and fiction is welcome, however we do not guarantee it will be published.


  • Up to 12,000 words in length.
  • Preferred length is 2000 to 5000 words.
  • Absolute minimum length is one sentence.
  • Acceptable in .docx, .doc., .pages, .rtf, .pdf formats.
  • Headings and byline in Arial or generic sans serif font.
  • Body text in Times New Roman or other generic serif font.
  • All formatting will be removed and made to conform with in-house styles.
  • Fiction can include conceptual and background works, such as alien cultural studies, character stories, world profiles, etc. However, there must be something that makes it interesting to read. We're not going to publish half-assed D&D character bios, for example!
  • Include your byline under the title of the fiction (your name and who you are/what you do).

As this list evolves, we will endeavour to make sure you are updated. This remains the current and true submissions parameters list.

For now, submit your art and fiction to: [email protected]. Subject Heading: Cosmologue Submission. In the future I will release a more central email account for this purpose.