What sets my tabletop apart from others?

The system is highly modular, allowing a great deal of character customization through the discipline system. The discipline mechanic allows a player to alter their character, their equipment and abilities. Disciplines even grant the player the option to create abilities and equipment from the ground-up.

Disciplines are divided into two categories: Combat and Social. Combat Disciplines each can be divided into Skill-based and Magic-based abilities and traits, such as Metamorph or Void Magic. Social disciplines each can be divided into the categories of Diplomacy, encompassing negotiation and intimidation; and Influence, encompassing coercion and manipulation.

One further element that differentiates my system is the lack of dice for RNG. Rather than dice I've created a multiple card-deck system that ties into various mechanics and allows the player greater control over randomization.

As for the theme of my system and setting--it is heavily inspired by the Breath of Fire series of games. As such what you get is a Dark fantasy science-fiction hybrid that contains every thing from 3-feet tall bipedal mice, to 8-feet tall dragon-men to gargantuan mana-fueled machines and every thing in between.