2 Samuel 11-12

David should have been at war with his soldiers, active for the Lord. Yet he remained behind. This allowed his mind to become idle, open to behavior that would not have been a temptation if he was where he should have been.

And so, as a result. He sees what his eyes should not have seen. Another man’s wife. Yet instead of running away, he embraced it.

David followed his flesh which resulted in the death of his fellow man. All for the appeasing of his lust for another’s wife.

David sins with Bathsheba. 11
Nathan rebukes David. 12:7
David repents. 12:13
A consequence of David’s sin. 12:15
Loss of a child. 12:18a

Imagine the self afflicted turmoil David & Bathsheba had gone through. The challenges, the trials, the arguments, the fights, and the loss. A great many couples today separate for far less. 
How many of us in the Lord’s church have to climb very difficult mountains together? Poor decisions leading to unstable relationships, health conditions, and at times distance and loss.
The Bible has the living power to heal. The Word of God gives us instruction and guidance so as to persevere (i.e. never give up) through very difficult moments in life as husband and wife. As friends. Brothers and sisters. 

God, through the agency of His prophet. The preacher. Spoke a parable to David, and made application. David was guilty. He was pierced and repented.

Today, in this age, the preacher teaches the Bible and it pierces the audience into repentance, or further rebellion. All a matter of one’s heart. Either they obey the gospel (Acts 2), or murder the evangelist (Acts 7). 

Once repentance had been established. David comforts Bathsheba. He came to her aid, to be sorry for what he had done, to console her, change her mind, give her peace, rest, and compassion. 12:24a

And because he did as God would want him to do, repent. A blessing is extended. The natural wonder of God’s power through childbirth, the blessing of a baby and the love therein. 12:24b-25

Many husbands and wives go through various trials and griefs. It could be regarding financial woes. Persecution from family, friends, (members of the church?). Health-related discouragement. Perhaps the loss of a child? Painful. Devastating. All these attacks can destroy faith and cause divorce, separation. 

In a time of great challenge. The 1st Century faith. Where Christians were soon to be made torches, burned alive, fed to the animals. Turmoil, pain, arguments, doubts, uncertainty, and fear would plague husbands & wives. Hardships are present and lay ahead.

What did Peter, a man directly inspired by the poured out power of the Holy Spirit. Governed by God. Completely educated in the mind of Christ (i.e. “a Spiritual man”). What did he write to his fellow Christians? To keep them united, even amidst severe persecution, which threatens their faith and marriage? This remedy we read in 1 Peter 3:1-2, 7-9… 

3:1 - “Wives, be submissive to your own husbands” 

For if the husbands are unfaithful and compromise their faith in order to save themselves from persecution? The wife’s submissive nature, grace, and purity. Might renew the husbands' faith in Christ. 

3:7 - “Husbands live with your wives in an understanding way” 

For husbands are to understand their wives. For if a husband does not? Communication with God has been hindered. 

Peter has a list of virtues to read, study, learn, believe, and practice. These spiritual tools will help husbands and wives persevere through any hardship.

3:8 - “Be harmonious (i.e. “likeminded” - “agreeable” - think, speak, and live the same way, faithful),

sympathetic (i.e. “compassionate” - having concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of another, being concerned for their wellbeing),

brotherly (i.e. “love like family” - patient and long-suffering, sacrificial for their needs before yours),

kindhearted (i.e. “merciful” - you may have the power and authority to judge, but instead forgive), and

humble in spirit (i.e. “submissive” - open to solutions, education, and healing),

3:9 - not returning evil for evil (i.e. “you hurt me so now I am going to hurt you back”). “Turn the other cheek” - do not take revenge or retaliation).

or insult for insult (i.e. he offended/insulted me so, therefore, I will, in turn, offend/insult him),
but giving a blessing instead (i.e. life, hope, courage, strength, love, unity, peace, faith, forgiveness, Jesus);

for you were called for the very purpose that you might inherit a blessing.”

God does not want us destroyed, but rather built and blessed. And to inherit blessings we must have works of faith. We must actually put the labor in to build together. 

A woman with child has approx. 9 months of sacrifice and work. Change of all sorts is taking place with mind and body. And then the moment of pain comes. Ripping. Burning. Stinging. Only to be immediately followed by a moment of great joy and blessing. The birth of a child. A flower can grow through concrete. 

We go through hard times in our lives. But if we repent, and come to each other's aid? We shall be blessed with the newness of life. A fresh new start.

David & Bathsheba sinned. The preacher rebuked David. His heart was pierced and he repented. And once he repented he went to his wife’s aid, and this resulted in a blessing. A child that God loved.  

I am an evangelist. I teach you the Bible. I share the Words of God accurately and with precision. I have backbone. I teach with conviction. This scares many worldly-minded Christians. The Bible proclaimed is designed to pierce your heart and bring forth repentance, change of mind and direction in life.  

If you have been struggling lately due to sin, repent and receive a blessing. Forgiveness and healing. Strength and courage. Hope for tomorrow. 

If you have not obeyed the gospel, you are not yet “born again” according to John 3:3. Remember, only after David had repented was he blessed with a newborn child. Only once you are “born again” can you receive the blessings of the kingdom. 

Jesus answered, “Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.” - John 3:5

We must obey the words of the Spirit which teach and command us to be baptized, and therein we shall be born of water and the Spirit. 

If you are a repentant believer, confessing Christ as your Lord and Master, you qualify to be saved, forgiven of sins, and added to the church Jesus bled for. How? By submitting to His will and being immersed in water, therein the blood of Christ will operate on you and wash you clean (Acts 22:16).

If you are already a child of God and desire to be renewed with Christ this morning, set free from the weight of bitterness and discouragement lurking in your mind. Please come forward now as we stand and sing.