Adding the Coronavirus to Sanctuary or Slum Cities Equals MASSIVE Deaths (in America).

In general, Capitalist, Democratic-Republic Americans are four-thousand time healthier than an average China citizen (1).  The Coronavirus, when it fully hits the United States will not do the damage it WILL do to some countries.
Those “evil Americans” wash their hands, take baths, eat healthier and live cleaner lives than most folk, world-wide.  So, when the Coronavirus comes to the USA, a lot of people will feel sick for a while, grab various over-the-counter medicines and call off work for a day or two.
In America, once again, a pandemic virus will not be the swing blade of destruction everyone is screaming it will be.
In California, New York, Oregon and any other set of locations which have heavy sanctuary gatherings or have allowed illegal immigrants to come and live freely among the population.
You CAN expect the streets of San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York City to be hit and hit hard.  The unsanitary conditions those city leaders have allowed to exist and grow will be a breeding ground for the virus in unending waves (2).  Just as in China, where the filthy, unregulated markets are spreading the virus like crazy, when it hits those cities listed -- and others of similar aspect -- the virus will not only prove lethal but will mutate each time the medical profession thinks they have a handle on controlling the outbreak.
IN ADDITION TO THIS, watch for the Coronavirus to be a slum killer.  When it hits the slums of Brazil, Vietnam and Indian and other locations of high count, close-quartered people living in squalor, the disease will run rampant.
As it does, beware of solutions that the Chinese will enact behind closed doors:  Beware of leaders deciding that wiping out entire clusters of people would be better than allowing the virus to breed and mutate.
So in addition to Brazil, Vietnam and Mumbai, India, watch for Mexico City, Mexico; Capetown South Africa; Nairobi, Kenya and Karachi, Pakistan among others to suffer greatly.
Making matters worst will be the needs of non-slum areas needing assistance.  Cities and countries will look at the places where the infections can pop up in.  They will realize they can easily serve hundreds-of-thousands of people outside of the slums but will realize it will be more difficult to serve tens-of-millions in the slums.  Logically, in a Liberal mindset way, it will be decided that saving the most will be better than losing even more.
As this happens, remember what cleanses the most:  Fire.  Do not be surprised when the people of the areas themselves decided to try and burn down infected areas, only to see the actions light up the entire area like a tinder box filled with dry wood.
Then there's the flight factor:  When a central area is determined to be a threat to human life, humans tend to try to escape the area in an ever enlarging circle.  The areas around the slums which allow the slum dwellers to escape the disease by passing through will see a dramatic increase in infections as well.
Let's face it, the 1,000-bed hospital the Chinese are building overnight ( serves a second function to treating the infected:  It also tamps down on people from streaming out in fear from the center of the infected area.  It also allows the Chinese government to round people up "due to public health concerns".
This new hospital designed to gather infected people into one location also makes it easier to "disappear" the infected people as needed but that is a situation for future rumors.
Make No Mistake: I believe this is an experiment by the Chinese Military gone wrong.  The origins and the nature of the start of this outbreak smell to high heavens.  Anyone who looks closely knows the Chinese Military has extremely low view of the common Chinese citizen it is supposed to serve.  Add to this a recent event to be an incredible coincidence: A considerable number of Chinese researchers at Canada's only level-4 lab were removed from National Microbiology Lab in Winnipeg over what's being called a possible "policy breach."
This experiment by the Chinese military (unverified) may prove to a large extent a cleansing of not only tightly packed, unsanitary locations but the areas around those locations which supported them.  Like many Chinese military events, it may also prove to be far more deadly than first anticipated.
Let no one doubt this, when a leadership has no belief in God, they will start to assume they have the wisdom to assume such a title themselves -- Often leading to deadly results for the citizens they rule.
(1) In general, dogs are easier to train, more social, more outwardly affectionate than cats are.  Americans, due to their freedoms are healthier than China citizens.  People in Hong Kong are healthier than China citizens are.  Some things JUST ARE.  Get over it.
(2) If not the Coronavirus, then the next military experiment gone wrong.  The planet just has too many locations (tightly packed slums) where a good, strong virus could quickly kill a large number of the entire population.
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