Public Service Announcement!

Our dog 12 year old lab was diagnosed with a fast moving, aggressive cancer in his mouth, back in early October. Vet took xrays, did biopsy and it was into jaw bone. No cure, just treatment and life expectancy of 2 months. We took the anti inflammatory/pain reliever prescription from the vet hospital and give it to him as needed. (cost $80/mo)

Then we went on a quest to find natural solutions. I started him on 20 drops/day of a cellular cleanser purchased at Sprouts for about $20. (the online and highly recommended CBD oil did NOTHING)

Then we went to a local dispensary and bought CBD oil for pets, (cost $35/mo) 750mg and I give him 40 drops daily on his food, 20 drops am and 20 drops with evening meal. If he is swollen in the face or appears in pain. I gave him extra 5 drops or so.

Good News!

It's mid January, our lab is happy, and the tumor has shrunk to about 1/4 of it's size, no more oozing of pus and blood and smell, it's completely dried up!
When it was really oozing and nasty, I gently placed about 5 drops of cbd oil on it with a cotton ball, twice daily, back 2 months ago and it pulled all kinds of nasty pus out. I placed a warm compress over it and gently held it there for a few minutes a couple of times each day.

His coat is thicker than it's been since he was a puppy, shiny and luxurious. The other tumors along his body have shrunken as well. He has energy, is spunky, back to walking 1 mile daily and playing with other dogs, what appears to be, pain free!

Our vet is speechless, calls it a "miracle!"

Suggested more x-rays, we said no way, we'll just stay with the regimen that is working! 🐾

***btw- I am not a vet and this is not medical advice, just sharing of our experience.

To clarify, we still use the super high quality cbd and cellular cleanser, daily and the prescription anti inflammatory, prescribed twice daily, I give it to him as needed, usually 1 time, every other day now. Initially, he had to have the pain pill 2x daily.

(WE've since upgraded to the oil below, more powerful and has been MORE effective)