Eat what Grandma and Grandpa Ate!

Those Damned African Jeans! (Part 3/3)

Part 3: Eat what Grandma and Grandpa Ate! 

What To Do? But that isn’t helping the huge ass shaking momma working behind the Returns Counter at WalMart.  Nope.  She has problems.  In this case, the problems are heavily genetic.  She was MADE to be short, fat and have a HUGE ass that has got to be 5 feet across!

There are factors that come into play when dealing with fat and foods and weight control.  Those factors are your ancestral genetics.

Okay, here’s a shocker: Different regions of the Earth produced different foods and the people evolving in those areas, evolved to those foods.

 The contention is that foods that your ancestors didn’t constantly encounter are regarded as foods that should be retained because of the unique make-up of the ingredients.

 If my ancestors mainly ate fish, then my genetics says I will always be able to find more fish. But an apple pie?  Let’s store as much of that as possible!  It may have some unknown things we can use in our body.

 The thought is that any item that came from your ancestral, genetic background which would have been an EXPECTED food and therefore in plentiful supply and not worth saving.

 Look at it this way:  Suppose your parents make origami ALL THE TIME.  As they give you the 100,000th origami swan they’ve made, you probably grunt and toss it once you are out of view.

 But if you’ve never seen an origami swan, the first one you get is probably cherished for years and years.

 The thought is your body’s retention system is the same way.  Ancestrally, if your body knows it will be getting a lot of deer, then deer fats and other deer based fats and substances are tossed as easily replaced.

 In this concept, one of the key parts is that the historical aspects of what you can eat are mostly tied to what you LOOK like.

 The black woman at Wal-Mart with the big ass?  She needs to focus on grains.  Her people were from places with large stretches of grasslands.  If she wants to lose weight she needs to increase and focus mostly on her grain consumption.  Use it as filler and main food source.  Do this and watch the body ignore all the grains she is eating.

 Do you look Japanese? White rice and fish.  Keep those chop sticks moving and make the food sources heavy in rice and fish.  Items easily gotten in ancient Japan.

 Do you look French? Pastries!  French pastries!

 Eastern, woodland American Indian?  Deer. Beaver.  All those animals of the forest.
 Me?  I have a heavy Viking background.  I look like I come from Nordic areas.  So when I want to lose weight I only eat snow cones.  Some flavoring added for fun, but mainly just eat snow cones matching the frosty background my ancestral body is used to.

 Take a look at yourself. What is that genetic background of your appearance?  What did my great-to-the-seventh-power grandfather eat as a daily meal?  What did your great-to-the-seventh-power grandmother eat?

 Make that your meals and watch the pounds melt away.

 Haven’t you always wondered why that friend of yours can eat a thousand tacos and not gain a pound? Look for a Mexican in their ancestral tree.

 I often regret not having more pasta eaters in my family tree.  That would be the Italians, right?  I need more Italian ancestors!  "Leave the gun, grab the cannoli.“  (That is a famous line from an old movie that had lots of Italians in it.)

 So there you have it: The reason women should NOT exercise with men:  Their body stores fat for quicker access making your accomplishment take longer than the man’s will.  This will make you depressed.  If you are female, plan on exercising longer than a man because your body stores your fat for more long term events (pregnancies, birthings, and child raising).

 Fat cells are easy to make!  Fat cells are too easy to make! If you eat fast, your body will make more fat cells before using the old ones.

 And if you want to lose weight, eat what your ancestors ate!

 Now, if you’ll excuse me, dinner is coming up and I’m having a double helping of cherry snow cone.
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