2 Corinthians 1:1-7


Paul has been chosen for this task. He is an apostle. He is an inspired man. The mouthpiece of God during this generation. 

He writes to the church that belongs to Jesus Christ locally set in the city of Corinth. Speaking to the saints (Christians) in all local assemblies. 


COMFORT = “a calling to one’s aid” (exhortation & consolation) 
Mentioned 10x in 5 verses. 

AFFLICTION = persecution, separation, ungodly church members, and loss. 
How does God comfort us when we deal with these hostilities?

1. Exhortation (encouraging change and action)

When a Christian has sin within his or her heart, hidden and buried. The word of God encourages change and action so as to remove the sin. To bring it out, expose it, so as to have the word of God operate of the mind bring repentance, removing the infected tissue. The Words of God removes all evil thoughts, assumptions, accusations, language, and practice. 

2. Consolation (solace, sympathy, compassion) 

When sin removes a loved one from our embrace. The word of God understands our pain and proceeds to speak words of courage and healing. It makes itself available to minister those we love who are hurting. 

How does the Word of God do these things? Through obedient servants of His Word. 

Matthew 6:33

If we seek first His church, His people will minister to us in times of repentance and growth. Times of loss and diminishing health. Times of loneliness and abandonment. Times of love and need. 

And not only does the Word of God, and those who learn and live it, search our thoughts to heal during times of trial. But they also furnish our lives with greater joy when we find ourselves happy and blessed. 

Paul was speaking to Christians. It is to Christians that the comfort of God belongs. And you can receive His comfort outside the body of His Son.

If you wish to gain entrance into the kingdom of God. You must believe that Christ is Lord and King over your life. You must repent of your sins and be immersed in water (Rom. 6:3-4).