My thoughts,

We have many strong, courageous and knowledgeable brethren in the church. We are encouraged by their efforts. They point us to the word each and every day.

However, most Christians only have a surface interpretation of the Bible. And because of that, they believe the Holy Book was solely written to rebuke the unbelievers into obedience. Everything else is unnecessary. Not important. A waste of time. And though we must certainly reach the lost. There are greater depths and accuracy in the Bible regarding those within the flock needing instruction to remain faithful.

It’s amazing how the honest study of the Scripture will bring one to realize the function therein. The target audience. “Israel,” once physical. Now spiritual, “Christians.”

The word of the Lord proclaimed through the agency of man. The prophets commanded repentance be administered upon the people of God, for they were living in sin. John the immerser. Jesus the Christ. The apostles. Same purpose. Through the Word proclaimed they taught, rebuked, corrected, and trained in all righteousness. Has it since changed to accommodate and appease a “PC” culture? God forbid. The faithful proclaim repentance to inactive saints. And this produces “offense.” Some pierced toward positive change. Others towards bitterness, slander, and hate.

For the word of God proclaimed exposes godless things. It unearths the sin hiding within the hearts of apathetic and idle followers. It is designed to pierce and bring about change, fruit for our Master. The Word proclaimed does not create sin. It simply forces it out of hiding and into public visibility. Remember Christ in the household of Martha? The word of God exposed her delinquency.

Friends. All who are ignorant, prideful, set in their ways? Will miss the mark and lack proper spiritual discernment. For darkness does not want hidden iniquity to become visible. Such would demand attention to righteous judgment and division. Darkness wants to keep it swept under the rug. Darkness wants us preoccupied with social and secular matters, never dealing with the spiritual problems within the fold. Darkness does not wish for any gospel “controversy.” It does not want any “feathers ruffled.” It wants compromise of faith so as to run a “smooth ship.” Darkness is ignorant about what it believes “important.”

The light must shine. A leadership wanting to illuminate the truth so all may see, will properly deal with darkness being exposed as a result. Church discipline.

“All things that are reproved are made manifest by the light.” - Eph. 5:13 (KJV)

“All things become visible when they are exposed by the light.” - Eph. 5:13 (NASB)