closed 3 Energy positions 12.20 . $CXO retained 1/3 of position. There is a large gap to be filled.
Gains were all large enough to close. 

All targets exceeded short term, 4 for 4. 

Market action in Oil and positions hinted at increased risk near top of the recent strong moves. Reentry will be closely evaluated but just about all risk is off at the moment. Year End considerations played a small role but secondary to market action. 

Oil had an uninterrupted strong trend up and that trend seemed to pause a bit on Friday 12.20. 
risk off to allow for any weakness in Oil and Oil & NG stocks

selling into strength while profits are large is always a consideration. I gave all positions time to work and it paid off.    

Below $PXD chart shows just how strong the recent moves were. Closing into strength was a difficult decision as always. Oil price paused causing the group to pause. Ringing the register when goals are met is the name of the game. Oil is back!!!