Cultivating Bible Studies Via Digital Evangelism. 

 “I have become all things to all men, that I might by all means save some.” - 1 Corinthians 9:22b

We see a powerful principle in this inspired text revealing to Christians sacrifice must take place in order to accumulate the ability to help further the growth of His kingdom. And this most certainly would apply to the “online” world we currently live in. For if Paul were alive this day, certain am I that he would utilize the internet for His Master. For God Himself created tools to advance His gospel cause. Through providence He had the Jews with law, Greeks with language, and Romans with roads. All of which furnished the right time, dialect, and path for the good news of His Son to prosper. And so, today we occupy the “tech era.” And we are to use it for His Majesty. To farm Bible studies. But, how?

Just as our brethren of the past knowing gospel potential behind such innovations as radio & television. In this stewardship of existence, my “connected” evangelistic experience (which is but a decade) has garnered wisdom becoming effective for our King. I’ve learned a few points which have helped me a great deal to endure focus and structure on the mission at hand, “save some.” Please allow me to translate this DIGITAL LANGUAGE into a practical approach.

First and foremost we establish our ministry

1. Reach the Faithless - “For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost” - Luke 19:10

- People are spiritually lost, headed towards eternal punishment. They need to know the love and forgiveness of Christ. They need the gospel. We must bring this good news to them. 

2. Renew the Fallen - “I will set out and go back to my father.” - Luke 15:11-32

- Christians have fallen from grace, they’ve allowed discouragement and sinful practices separate them from the love and forgiveness of Christ. We must seek to renew them.

3. Reinforce the Faithful - “Wherefore comfort one another with these words.” - 1 Thess. 4:18

- Faithful followers are bombarded with all sorts of challenges each day. We suffer persecution. Deteriorating health conditions. Loss of loved ones (both in, and outside of Christ). We need to know the promise of hope, that once this life is over, eternal peace with our Master will be granted. 

* If at any time you find yourself sharing things that no longer fit into one of these three branches. Turn around, regroup, pray, focus, and start again. These will help keep you on the beaten path, not falling off left or right side ditch. 

Secondly, we prove the hands-on formula,

1. Eat their food

- Sharing a meal has been a tool bringing mankind together in peace for ages. When you see your fellow man posting images of their culinary preferences, it is wise and welcome to “like” (“thumbs up,” a sign of approval). This allows them to identify your commonality and makes it easier to establish a friendship. You’d be willing to sit down with them and eat what they have taken time to prepare. We all know the sense of justification that comes when those we are hospitable with enjoy the nourishment we display. 

2. Sleep in their lodgings

- We have a great deal of respect for those willing to sit in our homes with us. Even those who might have many more blessings in lodging than we. It gives us a location of communication demanding personal fellowship. And so, when you see them post images of their inner home decor and lifestyle, it is an opportunity to once again “like” their posts. In so doing you are transmitting your willingness to feel at ease in their “comfort zones.” 

3. Speak their language

- There can be a chasm between the monitors. It is difficult to read tone from comments on a screen. And so it takes time to establish the context. Time to understand personalities. A way into this form of liaison is the ability to identify their interest in various topics (i.e. occupation, habits, traditions, culture, careers, hobbies). It is a very good idea to learn, engage and interact with their interests. This will allow them to grow trust in your care for their spiritual wellbeing. If you can speak their “lingo,” you’re worthy of sharing something that might spiritually challenge them.  

* The true essence of selflessness, becoming all things to all men. If people are online, go to them. And do so by employing these steps. It will help move things closer to studies.

Thirdly, we utilize our evangelistic caliber,

1. Be a spiritual ninja - a cold transfer 

- Make available “watermarks” on the various social venues you may interact with on any daily moment (i.e. website, email address, phone #). This will allow people who might “check your profile,” to see a way in which they can access gospel content or material. 

- Randomly deposit gospel links on various groups, pages, threads. For example, sometimes I’ll chime in on a community group (or page) with a comment on a thread. I do this leaving my website. 

2. Gather personal connections - a warm transfer 

- Communicate via PM (“private message”), email, video chat, phone call. With the ministry, we have numerous studies taking place on a private and personal level. 

3. Express your faith publicly - an open transfer 

- Bible verses, Study memes, articles, sermons, videos, podcasts, interaction, debates, comments, threads, pages, groups, websites, live streaming, Q&A’s. Make all of this public, so that all the world can see. It’s out there and has the potential to go “viral.” 

- Challenge. Show Bible knowledge. Couple everything with love. Always give an invitation and contact information. Learn to discern good soil from rotten soil. Don’t waste time on delinquents at this volume of daily evangelistic stature. Remain self-controlled. Don’t take things personally (I know, that can be very difficult). Continue to be sincere. Genuine. Honest. Straight forward. Direct. Courageous. Patient. Kind. Respectful. Never attack the person, only the falsehood. 

* These are designed to amplify your evangelistic reach, once again, resulting in studies. Some of us may have more talent in one section over the other, never the less we should try to use all of these when applicable. 

If you practice these simple instructions, with time you will congregate fruit. Practice forbearance. You’ll soon find yourself collecting studies which lead people to Christ. Sometimes that can be guiding said person towards a faithful church int their area, or trustworthy contact. In numerous cases, we’ve experienced folks approaching us privately after following our content for years. Never give up. Persevere. 

There is an ocean of example recorded in the Bible regarding men of God openly, publicly, declaring the gospel. Ultimately this is what will attract study. The purpose of Christ. The uniqueness of His kingdom, church. The plan of salvation. The spirit and truth of worship. Exposing sin. Calling all to repent. All public and courageous. And this indeed will push rebellious souls away, but it creates and accumulates the right soil.  

If we grow to learn and utilize this tactical point system strategy to its maxis reach, we shall produce a sizable crop for our Lord.  Bible studies.

Moment of caution. If we get snared in the leftist weeds of Pharisaical criticism towards our fellow saints regarding talents/opportunities they may surpass us with. Our jealousy and divisive behavior will be cut down and thrown into the fire. Idle. Vain, useless, a stumbling block of discouragement. Illegal. 

May we strive to be sincere, honest, and genuine with our evangelism. It does not need to be perfect, but it most certainly needs to be loving and courageous.  The minute I knew what Mk. 16:16 really meant, I was sharing through all these tools. I may not have known how to defend anything else, but I was proclaiming Jesus to people none the less. And it brought Bible studies. Now throughout the years, I’ve grown to season my efforts. And I know you can also if you try. This will most certainly cultivate Bible studies.

*BONUS: Similar pattern inhabits Bible studies via the PHYSICAL LANGUAGE approach, set once again in three dynamic categories, 

1. “Ninja” = leaving gospel material and contact info in various places (i.e. cards, mailboxes, restaurants, with a tip, pinboards all over the community, washrooms, hotels motels, anywhere and everywhere) 

The "ninja" method will be known as a cold transfer to the gospel.

The Ethiopian had gospel material, he had a scroll with the words of the prophet Isaiah, the Bible. He had acquired inspired content through some cold transfer, since he did not yet receive the personal preaching of the meaning of the text he was reading. 

2. “Personal” = one on one bible studies with people, either through building a friendship first or not. This personal approach may have come as a result of your “ninja” efforts, perhaps invitation to worship. 

The "personal" method will be known as a warm transfer to the gospel.

Once Philip the evangelist embarked on the chariot with the eunuch, he was able to make a warm transfer. Philip preached Jesus Christ to this religious man seeking to please God. Philip properly interpreted the Bible so as to reveal Christ through the Old Testament writ.

3. “Public” = this is the open proclamation of the gospel in areas where people congregate (i.e. religious establishments, social media, colleges, universities, shopping centers, markets, festivals, parades, etc)

The "public" method will be known as an open transfer to the gospel.

Once the Ethiopian understood the gospel, he further urged Philip to immerse him in Christ through the water he could see. This was a very public display of gospel obedience. It produced a Christian that day, one who went on his way rejoicing. 
I pray this information will help in your faith. 

God bless.