I sold piece of industrial equipment on eBay , listed as new (see details). As it was in the lab and had not been installed.   After the purchase.  The buyer had me drop shipped to his end customer the customer did not want it.  So his end customer shipped the unit back to him.  I said no returns accepted. And the reason he gave was that it is not new. 

EBay sided with the buyer and force the return through me.  This item cost over $2000 dollars so the final fees were over 200.   I didn't like it but they force my hand.  The problem was that the buyer then shipped a different non working unit back to me.  I told EBay about it and called the end customer to make sure that he sent back the correct one. The end customer was purchasing agent for a big manufacturing company and provided me with the pictures of my unit.(it had stickers on it.).  First pic is my unit second one is the picture of what I received. 

I tested the equipment and all of the setup files are missing from the device.  So I pleaded with eBay not to refund the buyer.  No only did they sided with the buyer,  they are taking are also not refunding my final value fee.  EBay is does not work with sellers despite what they say on the web page.  I am out over $300, final value fee,  cost of return shipping and PayPal fee.  I would have been fine with it if the buyer had return my unit that was in working condition. So all in all seller beware!  they turn the cheek and let fraud be commited on their system and take their cut. I am going to Bonanza.  EBay sucks!