Firstly THANK YOU sooo much for your continued support on SubscribeStar.
November was an awesome month as I got to go to CitizenCon, these trips like Office Tours are paid for with SubStar & Patreon Money and Donations, so you funded that!
It was an exhausting 2 days of socializing, note taking and fact finding. 
Then up until today a huge amount of work on getting videos out... that said I still need to do a round up of the UI, Armor and Ship Sounds Panel... though I will probably do that as a single video.
Alpha 3.8 is going LIVE in the next couple of weeks, or at least that is the plan AND then we are going to have Christmas and New Year.
I am going to take a couple of days off for Christmas as this year I am hosting and doing the food for my family. You might still get me on stream tho xD
New Year I want to go to a party & then sleep for the day after, regretting going to a party.
I have a load of video from CitizenCon that I don't really know what to do with, I don't think it's appropriate for proper YT videos as it would require a lot of cuts and I have already conveyed most of the info in videos already BUT I could put it up on here for exclusives?
Also my referral randomizer for people of the appropriate level occasionally breaks, what I am going to do is clear the database each month and re-add everyone but on a 1 month delay. I want to help people get referrals BUT I'd prefer it to be a bonus of helping me NOT the reason they do it xD. From January you should start to see improvements there!
We have another Carrack Giveaway for December, after that I'd prefer to giveaway Flyable Ships where possible.
I do need to get more Org Spotlights on the go again, I had become really lazy about that.
I am still getting an editor to work with me... has taken a long time to sort stuff out and we have both been lazy, it's been good tho as I now have a much more in depth plan for exactly what work they would do & I want to make sure COPPA changes don't explode everyone's Channels, that said I am pretty confident that it will be ok. 
Gameplay is what I have wanted to do on the channel for a long time, 3.7 made that a lot more viable. I will be jumping in on my discord during the day once 3.8 is live and if people are around they can join me for recording. I want to organize the BoredGamer Org / Discord into something organized for playing the game together!
In other news Boneworks comes out on the 10th of December... and I will be playing that on my Valve Index... maybe on LIVESTREAM.
But anyway Feedback, support, messages whatever can be sent to [email protected]
Thank you soooo much for your continued support on my Channel!