Patreon Pushes Away Free Speech

Patreon, a platform that allows people to support creators of various types, suddenly and unceremoniously booted Carl Benjamin, also known as Sargon of Akkad, off its platform. The reason? They accused Benjamin of engaging in ‘hate speech.’

Patreon is searching all over the Web for reasons to kick independent voices off their platform? Have they become another online free speech nanny?

Patreon and Silicon Valley-owned social media platforms already kicked off many other popular Internet personalities such as Lauren Southern, Milo and Gavin McInness. None of these people are racist.

The real reason for the continued attack on conservatives and libertarian personalities? They played an important role in getting Donald Trump elected president. The Swamp realized that less and less people are watching their fake news ‘mainstream’ media. Instead of watching CNN, they watched and listened to Sargon, Alex Jones, and many other conservative citizen journalists. The Swamp, which includes the leftist Silicon Valley billionaires, now calls such journalists ‘alt right’ or ‘far right’ in order to make them sound extreme and sinister.

We are headed toward a dystopian place if Silicon Valley wants to censor or ban conservative voices. They claim they own the platforms, so they can do as they like. What’s next?

When I drew a cartoon that particularly annoyed many on the left, I received an avalanche of hate mail. One threatened, “I will not rest until you are jobless, broke and living on the streets.” That’s the attitude Silicon Valley now has toward conservatives. It’s why we need to break up their monopoly on free speech and bring about an Internet Bill of Rights.

Ben Garrison