This page is mainly a donation box. Check out my website if you want to know more about my work, discuss it, and stay up to date with new content.

So why donate? Because running a website has hosting fees, and producing content requires my labour that I would have to spend elsewhere if I cannot make enough money from this to sustain myself. If I can turn this into a full-time career, I can produce content faster and possibly expand to do something bigger. If you find my work more valuable than a lot of other things you pay money for, consider sending some my way and reward good work.

Donations also ensure the honesty and integrity of my work. Ad-based monetization relies on quantity over quality to be sustainable, and it can affect the honesty of my work since advertisers may blacklist me if they do not like my work and I refuse to change for them. Ads are also visually intrusive, slow down the website, and may also be a privacy concern. Pay walls make it difficult for newcomers, limit the reach of my work, and encourage piracy, while donations allow me to compete with "free" sources and allow you to support me out of your sincere wish to help me succeed.

So yeah, donate, please and thank you, and I have provided subscription tiers for you to decide how much you want to spend.