Hey there Tinglerz Lovers,

I would like to offer a personalized/custom ASMR Videos
catered for you- who loves & enjoy ASMR but have a particular/specific triggers.

I am using a Blue Yeti Microphone 
(you can tell me if it is ok for the mic to be seen in camera or prefer not)

I will add the specific/particular triggers or materials that you would like me to use in the video
and the length of the video will depend as well.

I will try to accommodate your particular request the best that I can
and finish making the video as soon as I can.


Please Message me first, so I can tell You whether the video is do-able or not.
(if you are using the videos for Public Use or download it for your websites etc. it will cost Extra.)

it will help if you already have a Script so it will be faster on my Part to make the video.
I can also help/suggest to add some storylines scripts or improvised (if you want me to)


Any Materials that Considered Fetish:
(leather, pvc & shiny outfit catsuit, boots, high heels, feet, min skirts, balloons, femdom theme etc.)
(we can discuss about it and I will let you know if the custom video is do-able)


Please No Inappropriate Request, No Nudity, No Full On NSFW Materials.


Once we already settled to make the video (You have to put Down Payment first (25 dollars)
The Video will be finished 2-3 days
When the Video is Finished and already Upload 
(I will send screenshots on your email add then you will Pay me the Other half Payment on my Paypal)
Once I get the payment then I will email you the Full Video Link.


TIER 1 (Considered Fetish Materials: leather, pvc & shiny outfit catsuit, boots, feet, GIANTESS, high heels, mini skirts, stockings, femdom theme, balloons etc.)

10-20 minutes- 50 Dollars
30 minutes     - 60 Dollars

TIER 2 (Specific TRIGGERS to use)

10-20 Minutes video - 40 dollars
30 minutes                  - 50 dollars
to have ownership of the Video cost: 60 Dollars
if you allowed me to use it for my Videos cost: 50 dollars

you can email me for any further questions.

[email protected]


Have a great day and take care x