EP112: The Former White Nationalist: With Leon Korteweg

YouTube keeps removing this episode so we are posting the Soundcloud link instead!
As a youth, Leon Korteweg joined a neo-Nazi group in the Netherlands, dabbled in Holocaust denial, resisted what he thought was the replacement of the white race with immigrants, and dreamed about an ethnostate. Today, he speaks out against nationalist and religious tribalism in all its forms, and warns about the dangers of radicalization. We talk about the factors that led him to be a white nationalist, the factors that helped him abandon the ideology, the parallels between white supremacist terrorism and Islamic terrorism, the recent rise of far right authoritarian populism, the left's failures in understanding and countering this problem, the differences between far-right and far-left violence, the El Paso and Dayton shootings, Christchurch, incels, and the most effective approaches to counter the threat of radicalization among (mostly) young men. This is an eye-opening conversation that couldn't be more important or relevant in these times. Don't miss it.