A double minded man
unstable in all his ways
Will come to understand
at the end of all his days

That serving God or mammon
is all that really matters
To choose the God of love
or the world that merely flatters

The lust of the flesh and eyes
and all life’s boastful pride
Will offer little comfort
when death is at your side

And how will you account
in the Day of Reckoning,
For all the times you sinned
when hell’s fire is beckoning?

How long will you remain
in sin and error doubting
When all around are sounds
of angels’ voices shouting

“Repent! O foolish man!
God’s heavenly kingdom is near!”
How long will you pretend
that you really didn’t hear?

How long will you resist
God’s pleading Spirit calling?
How long will you insist
that you’re not really falling

Into the arms of him
who was from the beginning
The author of all sin?
Your master who’s now grinning

For you belong to him!
The night is fast approaching
The light is growing dim
and you belong to him!

The master of deceit
the father of all lies
Has deafened both your ears
and blinded both your eyes

Yet the still small voice of God
from somewhere deep within
Is calling gently pleading
“Be reconciled to Him!”

Poetry by Al Pugliese