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Produced by Nick Alvear and Alessandro du Châtel

Written, narrated, and edited by Alessandro du Châtel

LION DISCLOSURE is a joint venture between Total Disclosure and Good Lion TV.

The entertainment industry mingles with politicians too often for my taste. There was Fear & Loathing Venezuela, where Ghislaine Maxwell owned a compound at La Orchila. La Orchila is an island and a military base off the coast of Venezuela, north of Caracas. It has numerous beaches, including one where the sand is markedly pink. There is a presidential retreat on this island, and the residential complex reserved for the military houses consists mainly of elevated houses made of wooden logs.

This is what most know about the island, but very few people know about the activities of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell in this location. Musicians Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington were about to expose some of their friends and acquaintances. They were surrounded by people who participated in the same human trafficking rings involving Jeffrey Epstein and James Alefantis.