In this episode session we journey the doctrine of Christ regarding His church discipline. An obedience long lost in a great many congregations since fallen. To withdraw ourselves from one who has withdrawn himself from God is most necessary to keep the church pure. This of course is not well received from the world, and Christians infected by its ways produce emotional arguments and persecution. None the less we must not compromise the teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ to appease the many wiles of this dying generation. We must once again learn to discern. To practice love as the Scripture so instruct us. To be courageous even among the cowardly. For the only hope a brother or sister living in sin might have, is to be removed from the fold. That they might be pierced into repentance once again producing fruit. Returning to the location of all spiritual blessings. Forgiveness. Comfort. Unity. Family. Peace. Faith. Productivity. Purpose. Peace. Grace. Mercy. Hope. Eternal life in Christ.