I wanted to take a moment to talk about the supply chain issues that everyone in the electronics manufacturing industry are facing, and specifically how it's affecting Etherkit. As I'm sure a lot of you are aware, we've been facing a continuous problem of component shortages, which has made continued manufacturing difficult, especially for us small operators. For example, as I mentioned in a previous post here, I recently reworked the circuit of my simple Twin-T code practice oscillator and created a new PCB design for it, using a drawing from my son. I did this in order to try to get a project out which hopefully could escape from the current parts shortages, but I was wrong. In between the time I ordered the PCBs and when they arrived from the fab, most of the non-generic components went out of stock everywhere, and stupidly I didn't order enough components for a production run.

Frankly, it's an extremely frustrating position to be in, and I'm worried that it's going to grind all of my manufacturing activities to a halt. I do have a small stockpile of parts for Si5351A Breakout Board, but those won't last forever and I have no idea when more Si5351A ICs will be available again.

For now I've been doing a deep-dive into some issues with the Si5351 Arduino library, in order to help improve that. I may be stuck doing coding only for quite a while unless turn around soon.