I've got a modest new hardware product in production, with a related update for subscribers in the post below this one. In addition to working on that, I also recently pushed v1.3.1 of the JTEncode library, which adds a convenience function to convert decimal degrees to a Maidenhead locator. Handy for those of you paring your WSPR transmitter with a GPS.

Next up is to tackle an issue that's been plaguing the Si5351Arduino library. The PLL algorithms in the library aren't accurate enough to generate MSFK signals properly on VHF. I know that a lot of people have emailed me about this over the last few years and I haven't responded to many of the mails. I get a ton of unsolicited emails, and as much as I'd like to be able to help everyone, most of the requests I get would require a non-trivial amount of time for me to properly answer. However, this is one of the things that I hear about a lot, and it needs to be fixed.

My plan is to do a careful analysis of the current tuning characteristics of the library at VHF. In order to do that, I needed a new frequency counter with better precision than the ones I currently have (and also very importantly, the ability to lock to my 10 MHz GPSDO). I managed to find an affordable instrument through tequipment.net and was able to pay for a large chunk of the cost with the money I've received through SubscribeStar. Thank you very much subscribers for your support, which helps me to fund important new lab equipment!

So I'll be drafting up a test protocol so that I can quantify the current tuning inaccuracies and have a way to ensure that I improve them with new code. Stay tuned here for further updates on this project. I hope to have some good improvement to push in the near future!