With all the presuppositions on why we are facing the chaos we see today I present the Church's actual teaching on the purpose of the Church, the real reason of its reduced size and why those that adhere to Tradition have nothing to worry about. The Catholic haters want to say the Roman Church has lost its mantle but I clearly lay out here why that is the biggest fallacy in the world today. 

Upcoming episodes include: 
1. My Struggle & Why Traditional Men fight Modernism. 
2. Blue Collar Theology - The real reason why the Catholic Church is diminished and how to understand the elect. 
3. Blue Collar Politics - What is Code Name Zorro, who the Mafia said killed Martin Luther King Jr & why I wrote a story about his assassination. 
4. Blue Collar Theology - Why Catholicism is right and everything else is wrong, including Pagan presuppositions. 
5. Blue Collar Politics - The nature of Power and what we can learn from the Mafia & what we can learn from Payola. 
6. Blue Collar Philosophy - The Fallacy of objective reasoning . 
7. Blue Collar Theology - How Hate is a form of Love. 
8. Blue Collar Philosophy - The Myth of IQ and why it's modern interpretation is anti Catholic. 
9. Blue Collar Politics - The Myth of the Utopian McGuffin. 
10. Blue Collar Politics - Western men in "Fortress Mode" while under attack is suicide. 
11. Blue Collar Politics - What is the Mafia and what it isn't and why it is so similar to Medellin? 12. Blue Collar Philosophy - Why Communism isn't compatible with Christianity. 
13. Blue Collar Philosophy - If we came from monkey's and apes then why not be a criminal? And why evolution is anti Catholic. 
14. Blue Collar Politics - Queensryche, MK Ultra and how the Intelligence Community reinvents itself. 
15. Who am I and how did I get in front of so many members of the Mafia? 
16. Blue Collar Politics - Created false dialectics. 
17 . Blue Collar Politics - How politics is downstream from culture and what comes before culture. 
18. Blue Collar Politics - Why conservatives aren't conserving anything and what is natural philosophy? 
19. Blue Collar Theology - Why St Peter didn't need a large library or sticky notes & the how books aren't an appeal to reason. 
20. Blue Collar Politics - How circles of power work and why there are two sets of rules in modern politics. 
21. Blue Collar Theology - Why converting to Orthodox Christianity contributes to the problems in the west and the rest of the Christian world. 

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