About What I am Doing and Important Links

Here are some important links for the work I am doing that your support here goes towards.

My YouTube Channel | Liber Art by Jon Torres

My Youtube channel is an art channel devoted to art tutorials, advice, and encouragement. Specifically with Clip Studio Paint. I used to be a devout Photoshop digital painter and I have since made the switch to CSP for what I feel is a better, cheaper, and painting focused program. I talk about tips, tricks, and advice from the perspective of a freelance illustrator.

Liber Art Online

Liber Art Online is a website I have created to post pieces of art under the creative commons license. My goal here is to sort of go with a libertarian principle that IP (intellectual Property) actually subverts real authentic private property rights. This article by Stephan Kinsella changed my mind on Intellectual Property a long time ago. Here is a video where I further explain:


What You Get Out of It

  • A feel good feeling for supporting free art tutorials in Clip Studio Paint and Creative Commons Art.
  • Access to a discord server for supporters.
  • Polls to tell me the kinds of tutorials and paintings YOU want to see for my channel and liber art online.
  • I will list your name in future YouTube videos as a supporter of my work.
  • Artist highlights. I want to highlight your work in some of my videos too.

Thank You

The cost is a mere 2 dollars a month for all of this. Free art tutorials. Free creative commons art that you can use in your own projects, Youtube Videos, etc.. So please, if you appreciate what I am doing, please support my efforts here on SubscribeStar. It means the world to me.