In this leg of their journey, Stanley and Vivian must cross the Pool of Whispering Souls, wherein lie the trapped spirits of all the adventurers who've fallen in. Unable to ever leave their watery prison, they can only watch as their fellow travelers cross the pond without them. Be careful though - one slip and you'll fall in, where you'll be dragged to the murky depths by these poor, vengeful wretches, where you'll languish forever alongside all the rest who couldn't make it.
Will you cross safely? Or will your adventure end here?

Page 7 of the original Stanley Crowe, another attempt to experiment with weird, curved perspective. This one gave me a lot of problems color-wise, and I wound up having to tweak Stanley's face digitally. I'll DEFINITELY be pushing some harsher colors and shadows for pics like this in the future ;)

Stanley Crowe and all related materials are (CC)Jacob Firestone, FKA Jake Stueber.