'Eavy Monday Ep 04 – Weekly Review of the Warhammer Weekend Pre-Orders and Previews, including New Model Monday

In these episodes of 'Eavy Monday, I feature content I'm most excited about from the Warhammer Community that was originally premiered on Saturday Pre-Orders, Sunday Previews, and New Model Monday articles and collect it into one review episode here.

So what's new from this weekend (and Monday)? For starters, we get a "catch up" on all the major plot points of the Broken Realms Saga on Saturday. On Sunday, we get a massive preview of new stuff that will be available on May 8th for pre-order - including the new Necromunda: Hive War, upgrade sprues, and more, along with the new Hedkrakka's Madmob expansion for Direchasm and loads more! And on Monday, we saw two new models previewed for the new Beast Snagga Orks - a Painboss and Painboyz Gretchin. So definitely check this episode out and tell me in the comments below what were some of your thoughts on these new pre-orders and previews from the Warhammer Community.