I am a young composer working in a highly personal Late Romantic idiom. As we find ourselves increasingly in a world of stark ugliness and banality, I hope to play a role in the revivification of melody, harmony, counterpoint, structure and form and, ultimately, in the resurgence of music as an art expressing the transcendent and sublime. My work is characterized by chromatically-saturated harmony, long-limbed melodies alongside more fragmented motives subject to continuous developmental variation, tonality stretched nearly to its breaking point while maintaining tonal gravity and coherence, often asymmetrical phrases operating as a kind of "musical prose", rich counterpoint counterbalanced by sparser textures, use of unusual scales and modes, lush orchestration often resembling organ registrations, and a love for both the monumental and miniature in structure and form. In my view, the composer is as much a craftsman and artisan as an artist, and it is where raw talent, craftsmanship, effort and inspiration meet that great works come forth. Music is beyond mere words; I merely hope that some of my work moves you, that I am able to induce a sensation of the sublime and transcendent at least some of the time. Please join me on my musical journey.