Last January, Joe Biden was sworn as the 46th president of the United States. After an election fraud scandal that discredited the U.S. democratic process probably forever, the former vice-president used every trinket in the book to defeat Republican Donald Trump. From the University of Delaware, he earned a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and History. Through a scholarship, he studied law at Syracuse University College of law. As much as he brags about his academic performance, he graduated among the last 20% of his class.

Human trafficking and worse are back in business, especially with his administration's ruling on open borders. A crisis meant to flood the red states with democrat voters, illegals who are easily fooled by false promises and handouts. Joe Biden's life is not exempt from tragedy, or perhaps, it was the price he had to pay to belong to the club. Generational incest seems to be the label by which the Biden family runs, and his damaged family members are alive testament to it.

A liar, a manipulator, a hypocrite, a conman, a war criminal, and a pedophile; this is Joe Biden. The last bastion of democracy and freedom has fallen as a senile puppet has claimed the presidential chair belonging to his rival. ON THIS DELIVERY, I discuss other theories pertaining the death of his first wife, Neilia Biden - and their daughter, Naomi. I also expose the dark reality about his marriage with "doctor" Jill Biden.