Yesterday morning in private conversations I predicted that Crowder would be demonetised (or worse) by the end of the day. I was right.

I've been working with @tommyrobinson for so long watching his demonisation by the entire British State, elites and the UK's entire mainstream media. He's gone through this (as have my personal accounts on YouTube (demonetised months ago) and Facebook deleted earlier this year.

The destruction of YouTube is sad mostly because of the centralised search system: whatever else google have done wrong in terms of falling under SJW control, their search tech did work before it was corrupted by bad ideology.

If there is absolutely one thing missing from the entire eco system of alternative sites, it is authoritative and reliable search that finds content which current Google is trying to suppress. I'm using Duck Duck Go but now that YouTube are hiding so much content, finding videos is becoming very hard.

I've not ever pushed making money from my content that hard. 

Passive income from YouTube was nice, but i'll be honest I really do need to see more value from what I do.

If you possibly can support my work, show me some value.